Recruitment Coaching and Talent Acquisition

Companies spend millions annually on recruitment and still incur costly hiring mistakes. WallStreet coaching has developed a powerful system that provides hands-on, results-driven training and coaching to help you turn recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition consultants into recruiting and interviewing masters to cope with challenges quickly and develop big-billing habits to achieve massive success in the 2020 workforce.

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Who is this for?

  • Recruiters, Talent acquisition consultants and hiring managers who are frustrated when targets and deadlines are not met and performance is not on par with KPIs
  • High attrition rate within the organization
  • Improve your bottom line


  • We create and promote your organizational profile
  • You attract new talent
  • Help you reduce high turnover
  • High impact sales training
  • High caliber employees
  • High performing recruitment team
  • Increased revenue/sales


  • Live training at your location
  • Instruct – led online interview training from anywhere
  • One – on- One coaching from your managers (in person, on the phone, via video conference, Skype)


 Redefine your Recruitment Strategy. Get started Now!


Interview and Expat coaching

In just 90 minutes, I can help you dramatically transform your interview skills and empower you to land your next job opportunity or close that deal for an international career

Interview Preperation
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Why use an interview coach?

  • Tired of being unsuccessful in job interviews.
  • Developing a personalized strategy with your coach on how to land your dream job.
  • Confidence building, eliminating anxiety and stress and learning the art of “being in order to have.”
  • Increase your chances of getting job offers
  • Mock interview preparation, opportunities to rehearse answering questions without sounding scripted. Understand the difference between behavioral and situational questions, how to adequately answer these questions. You will be more fluent in answering questions, hence ace that interview.
  • Get constructive input on your interview answers and what you need to do to improve your interview style and personal branding.
  • Learning the art of negotiating salaries once a job offer has been made
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Phone Coaching

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In-Person Coaching

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Online Interview Prep

Personal coaching


Telephone Interview Coaching
(90 minutes) $125

In-person Interview Coaching
(120 minutes) $ 170

Online Interview prep
(120 minutes) $195

Package includes: Coaching, elevator pitch, email support, re-positioning in the market, LinkedIn profiling

  Redefine your Interview Skills. Get started Now! 

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South Africa is a leader in BPO (Business process offshoring)

The offshore contact centre industry employs more than 8,000 agents and has grown at an average rate of more than 50% over the last three years. The UK, US and Australia are using SA for English language work. The South African offshore contact centre industry is expected to grow by 30% year on year. Whether you’re a call center agent or project manager whose interacting with an international clientele, a neutral accent and ability to connect with customers is key to individual and organizational success.


Are your people equipped?
Voice and accent training

WallStreet Coaching develops your presence, credibility, persuasive power and confidence to help you communicate effectively with authenticity.

The 4 week training program consists of:

  • Phonetics and pronunciation
  • Articulation exercises
  • Accent neutralization
  • Talk with better influence and vocal presence
    • Speech Mechanism/ Mouth and Face Relaxation Exercises
    • Diaphragmatic Breathing
    • Syllable and Syllable Stress / Word Stress
    • Sentence Stress in English
    • Program Specific word drill with Sentences
    • Projection and audibility

Who is this for?

  • Organization/ individuals dealing with international projects and clientele
  • Call centre agents
  • Anyone looking to improve their vocal presence
  • Anyone looking to neutralize their accent

  Redefine your Vocal presence. Get started now.  

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WallStreet Coaching in house Mini-Mentoring Event


WallStreet Coaching’s signature Mini-Mentoring event brings together multi-talented and aspiring women executives with female board members and leaders to serve as mentors/role models by sharing experiences, career advice, a wealth of information and tips in a fun, buzzing and professional environment. There aren’t enough female leaders to serve as mentors to women coming through the ranks. By hosting a “Mini-Mentoring” event for women in your company you will extend your reputation as a gender balance employer while enhancing your brand.

Recruitment Coach | Performance & Leadership Trainer

Leadership | Performance Trainer

With almost 12 years of experience within the call centre industry it’s easy to recognize the signs of burnout that both agents and managers endure. Call center agents are doing 9-10 hours a day, treated as if they are in the military, repeatedly cold calling angry customers or answering calls of frustrated customers, and getting paid very little in a highly stressful environment, so it’s not rocket science that there’s an epidemic of poor attitudes, increase in burn out and the rate of attrition is at an all time high. Yet there are team managers/leaders that truly understand the challenging work of agents, and recognize ways to engage and inspire staff to counter the undesirable impacts. So how exactly can the best of call centers achieve high levels of agent engagement and retention?

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WallStreet Coaching can identify, develop and equip sound leaders to cope with change effectively and quickly, to build a sustainable workforce; and to increase ‘emotional intelligence’ and deeper levels of connectivity with employees, focus on metrics that drive positive agent experience and motivate productivity within the call centre environment.

Who is this for?

  • Build and sustain a workforce
  • Manage and lead your team to deliver within KPIs
  • Conflict resolution: How do you distinguish between task or personal conflict when alerted to a situation between your managers or between staff
  • Manager/Leader Development
  • Effectively Coping with change within your company or department


  • Reduce attrition rate
  • Understanding how emotional intelligence works will enable you to deal effectively with stress and work-load
  • Focus on metrics that drive positive agent experience
  • To manage and lead
  • Maintain a culture of agent accountability and ownership
  • Empower agents beyond making sales and answering calls
  • Reward and Recognize Best Performing Agents
  • The Flow of the Sales Call
  • Closing the Sale & ‘Opening’ a Relationship
  • Feedback to grow and inspire


Live training at your location

Instruct – led online interview training from anywhere

One – on- One coaching from your managers (in person, on the phone, via video conference, Skype)


  Redefine Leadership and Performance. Get started now  


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