Accelerating women leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, etc in Africa and internationally

        “Where you are going must be BIGGER than where you have been”

Three months of intense leadership, business and life coaching designed primarily for women in entrepreneurial, executive, professional, non-profit and government roles in Africa & abroad who cannot afford the luxury of coaching but could do with coaching and mentoring.

#PNWG coaching fellowship program will shift your career or start-up to a whole new level. You will be better equipped with cutting edge sustainable skills and be laser focused to excel in the corporate and entrepreneurial world that will transform the lives of the poverty stricken, create employment, elevate you to the top of your industry, develop a stronger and more sustainable business model, wealth creation and build strong beneficial relationships.

Across a 3 -month period each woman will be engaging in a global world class curriculum with a coach in person or via SKYPE.
Normal cost of tuition: $7000- this will now be free. Registration fee: $199 * Application deadline:07/30/2017


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*Strategy:We will challenge you by getting you to think out of the box with new ways of how to build your career, structure your startup, test new ideas, understand your users, refine your business model and theory of change and together we will check out case studies of other great social entrepreneurs.
*Impact: How to determine and report on the impact you are having.
*Brand:  How to create your brand identity with a wow factor
*Social Scrub: How to polish your image - online and off line
*Funding: How to raise funds and look after them and report on them in the best way.
*Creating sales funnels:How to creating sales channels
*Sharing Your Vision: You will become very good at pitching, public speaking and networking.
*Innovation tools: You will be able to come up with awesome ideas quickly with the tools we give you.
*Membership: Invitation to join WallStreet Women membership

Register today. womenairesociety@gmail.com

Applications for PNGW Coaching fellowship are being accepted until July 30.

WallStreetcoaching Foundation | Durban, KZN, South Africa 4068 | www.wallstreetcoachingfoundation.co.za

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