Lady Boss 

Week #1: Who are you & who are you meant to serve?

Do you ever spend time wishing you could have a career that combined your talents, passions and lifestyle and got paid for it? I have done it, so it is possible!  

Week #2: Brand and Image

Crafting your brand- unique message and working out your unique services or products, we’ll work on shaping an authentic brand that will feel right for you and develop your brand identity (by creating a logo, custom color palette and brand style guide). I’ll teach you how to develop your brand and establish an online image.

Week #3: Commence with marketing strategy

Position your business to earn money as soon as your product/service line and sales page goes live.

Week #4: Brand Launch

And this is where it all starts! Both you and your business will start to flourish. Learn tips and tricks for marketing your offering, including online and off line presence. 

Week #5: Self esteem and wealth conscious

Often enough it is our internal programming that prevents us from soaring to happiness, success, balance and financial freedom. Learn tips on how to reprogram your mind-set for a thriving business and a balanced life.

The program consists of a 60 minute session prior to Lady Boss, 5 weeks of coaching followed by two 30 minute follow up sessions a week apart.

Lady Boss allows you to own your time, enjoy the lifestyle and become an entrepreneur with a profitable business in only 5.

 Benefits to this program

Redefine your Business! GET STARTED NOW!

Your total self-investment

€999 (+ VAT where applicable)

Redefine your business. Get started Now!

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