If for example, polar bears were moved from the North Pole to the Antarctica, what do you think would happen? The female polar bears prefer snow banks to frozen ice and land (most of Antarctica is actually land covered in snow). The polar bear might make the transition but would it continue to thrive in a habitat not so natural to it without experiencing some degrees of difficulty? In a similar vein, if you love working with computers and speak the programming language as if it was your native tongue and you’re working as an accountant because it is what your father had wanted you to do, you will experience a burn out in at least one area in your life that some experience in their 40s and 50s.


  Redefine your life in 7 days

Day # 1: Stage one of the butterfly

Toxic beliefs have governed us for far too long and tend to stand in the way of our success. Learn how to peel away layers of debilitating behaviours and thinking

  • Module One
  • Decoding my purpose: discover passion and uniqueness
  • Who am I meant to serve
  • Remove toxic beliefs, fears – deal with them head on: Heal and forgiveness
  • Rise above your sabotaging patterns and self-doubt; get out of your own way
  • Developing self love

Day # 2: Stage two of the butterfly

If the mind can perceive it then it can be done. Time to activate your power base and create big dreams and achieve them with confidence.

  • Module 2
  • Rocking chair exercise
  • Creating your life map
  • Set your goals, long and short term
  • Vision board
  • Start visioning your goals

Day # 3: Stage three of the butterfly

 Your brand might be working for you or against you. The choice is yours! There is no one else quite like you- find ways to allow your uniqueness to shine.

  • Module 3
  • Create a plan to recharge every area of your life: Strategy
  • Research in detail at each area to be recharged
  • Craft your brand
  • Self image
  • Sharpen the tools needed

Day # 4: Stage four of the butterfly

Goals without action do not mean much.   

  • Module Four
  • Complete Sharpening the tools needed
  • Take action
  • Confidence: when your authenticity is realized your success is unstoppable!

Day # 5: Stage five of the butterfly

Getting in touch with our emotions and learning to deal with them will work wonders in many areas of our life.

  • Module Five
  • Emotional Intelligence: Stress management Emotional mastery
  • Higher self-awareness
  • Health and wellness
  • Talk about wealth and money, redefining your beliefs about money.

Day # 6: Stage six of the butterfly

Stepping outside the mould often leads to ostracised and not being normal.

  • Module Six
  • Breaking social moulds
  • Gratitude
  • Re-launch your life/career

Day # 7: Stage seven of the butterfly

The idea behind having your business is to allow you to own your time and this means living  a balanced lifestyle.

  • Module Seven
  • Tips on lifestyle living
  • Male engagement
  • Embracing the new you
  • WomenaireSociety
  • Membership to WallStreet Woman

This program commences with a 60 minute coaching session prior to the program, followed by the seven day program, exercises to be done in the evening during the course, followed by 2 bi- weekly 60 minute coaching sessions  

Just imagine in a week you will be launching your new life and career

This program is for you if:

  • You’re experiencing a transition in your life or career or another key area
  • You cannot fine balance and struggle to juggle work and family
  • You’re looking to repackage your life or career
  • You’re looking to reinvent yourself for impact
  • You struggle with stress management
  • You experience low self esteem
  • You have low emotional intelligence

Benefits to this program

  • You will become excited about life and your choices
  • In only seven days you will be a brand new person
  • This change will impact most areas of your life
  • You have balance and neutralized most of the stress factor because you’ve embraced lifestyle living
  • You will know your purpose and realize your authenticity
  • An increase in support by accessing a network spanning across 5 continents
  • Exposure in The Bold and the Beautiful magazine
  • Automatic membership to WallStreet Women

Your investment €500 paid in full

Redefine your business. Get started Now!


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